Wash Mitts

Product SKUS: HT811
This highly efficient, scratch proof, double faced mitt carries an abundance of water and withstands heat, gasoline and detergents. Made from heavy duty, long wearing, Lorene-Dynel synthetic fibers. Approximately 8" x 11" with elastic cuff.
Product SKUS: HTMCM-911
The Green Micro Chenille Wash Mitt is 9 in. x 11 in. and has a cuff to protect your wrist while washing your vehicule. Quickly and gently washes away dirt and grime.
Made of high quality materials. Soft, which makes it suitable for even the most delicate finishes. Allows a complete cleaning of the vehicle.
Super soft microfiber noodles lift dirt effortlessly Uses less soap and water than a traditional sponge Can be used wet or dry Easy wash and dry care
Perfect Fit for Most Hands Our Best Selling Mitt: Excellent Quality Microfiber Mitt for the Most Effective Cleaning Ability NO TAGS - Includes Finish-Safe White Microfiber Hanging Loop to Hang-Dry Mitt after Use (Easy to Snip if Unwanted) Elastic Cuff to Keep Your Hand Inside While Washing Lint-...
The Cyclone Wash Mitt is the finest professional quality plush microfiber detailing wash mitt value you will find - premium Korean quality, premium performance, and premium TRC value. You'll find many of our competitors selling their own premium wash mitts of similar quality and performance at more...
Product SKUS: PWM
Bocar’s ‘TURBO’ premium wash mitt is made from superior microfiber long pile . Its generous 8”x10” size will hold a lot of suds while the mitt gentley removes and releases dirt. We always suggest you use a style of Grit Guard in your bucket for extra protection. When you are finished always blast...