Marine 1000 Compound

Marine 1000 Compound 3.78L
4 liters
Ardex Labs Inc.
  • Speed - Ardex Marine 1000 produces the results you are looking for fast.
  • Swirl Free - Ardex Marine 1000 achieves the swirl free finish you want.
  • Easy Application - Ardex Marine 1000 is the right viscosity for easy application .
  • Easy on Pads - Ardex Marine 1000 won't gum up the pads with excess residue.
  • Less spurring means faster production, pads last longer.
  • Stays Wet Longer - Ardex Marine 1000 stays wet longer than competitive brands for optimum results in warmer weather.
  • Water Based Formula - Environmentally friendly, VOC compliant.
  • Silica Free - “Silica” containing compounds warn of serious side effects, such as silicosis, from exposure to crystalline silica.
  • Tough - Ardex Marine 1000 is tough enough for the hardest gel-coat finishes.
  • Wet Sanding - Ardex Marine 1000 for removing 1000 grit sand scratches.